• I took the Polar Plunge - a rite of passage on Seabourn Venture in the Arctic.

  • One of the Seabourn Signature Experiences is Caviar in the Surf® but in the Arctic, we do Caviar in the Ice with an ice bar. What a fun afternoon.

  • Last day in Greenland filled with sunrises, icebergs and more Seabourn Moments.

  • An incredible Seabourn Moment 300ft going underwater to the bottom of a fjord.

  • 10:45 pm Greenland = sunset

  • Entering Scoresbysund, Ostgronland, Greenland. Seabourn Venture, more spectacular than imagined.

Seabourn Vice President, Sales and Trade, Steve Smotrys Shares His Extraordinary Expedition Experience

I recently was fortunate to be able to sail on a Seabourn Venture Expedition voyage in the Arctic. It was an extraordinary experience filled with Seabourn Moments that will live in my memory forever. During the voyage I shared my adventures on my Facebook page and the response was amazing. From taking a polar plunge in the Arctic Sea to seeing actual polar bears every day was more amazing than the last. But it wasn’t only the scenery and expedition experiences that made the experience so memorable, it was my fellow guests, incredible crew and expedition team, and the ship itself that made this the voyage of a lifetime. I encourage both you and your clients to join us on one of our upcoming Seabourn Expeditions. No matter which part of the world these ships—Seabourn Venture or Seabourn Pursuit—are exploring, you and your clients will be in for a life-changing experience. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for more on my Expedition voyage and other posts from our sales team.


Steve Smotrys
Vice President, Sales and Trade Relations