Influencer Allison Anderson Sails Seabourn’s Alaska

Influencer Allison Anderson had always dreamed of going to Alaska but was never able to put the whole trip together. Seabourn changed that by sending her on an 11-day Seabourn Sojourn voyage that she will never forget. Her first-hand perspective of being not only a first-time cruiser but also a solo one is the subject of two fascinating articles: “A New View of Southeast Alaska” in Seabourn’s Current and “Into the Wild: Cruising the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska” on her own blog.

She also produced a gorgeous 10-minute video about her solo trip to Alaska cruising from Vancouver to Anchorage that is a tremendous marketing tool you can use to help showcase our Alaska experience to your clients.

Help your clients realize their dream of experiencing Alaska with Seabourn so they too can see Alaska at its best, with the best.

Ultra-luxury Seabourn Sojourn sailings in 2020 include:

7-Day Glaciers & Alaska Inside Passage
Vancouver to Juneau
June 12; July 17, July 31; August 14; September 18, 2020

14-Day Alaska Glaciers, Fjords & Inside Passage
Round-trip Vancouver
July 12; July 17, July 31; August 14, 2020

7-Day Alaska Fjords & Canadian Inside Passage
Juneau to Vancouver
June 19; July 24; August 7, August 21, 2020

10-Day Alaska Fjord Sojourn
Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
June 26, 2020

11-Day Inside Passage & Alaska Fjords
Seward (Anchorage) to Vancouver
July 6; September 7, 2020

14-Day Canadian Inside Passage, Alaska Fjords & Glaciers
Round-trip Juneau
July 24; August 7, 2020

10-Day Glacier Bay Sojourn
Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)
August 28, 2020

14-Day Glacier Bay, Fjords & Canadian Inside Passage
Round-trip Vancouver
September 18, 2020

7-Day Glacier Bay & Canadian Inside Passage
Juneau to Vancouver
September 25, 2020

12-Day Glacier Bay & Pacific Coast
Vancouver to Los Angeles
October 2, 2020

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