New Submersible Expedition Team Milestone

We are thrilled to share that our Submersible Expedition Team recently completed their Submersible Pilot training in Curaçao in November. This is just the latest milestone as we anticipate the launch of our exciting new Expedition ship explorations. Share these photographs and new video with your clients so they can experience a whole new facet of adventure to their Seabourn experience.

Both Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit will have two custom-built submersibles carried on board. Piloted by experienced and licensed Expedition Team submariners, these engineering marvels are capable of transporting guests beneath the surface, offering breathtaking views of everything from the surreal subsea realms beneath the Arctic and Antarctic waters to the plunging underwater cliffs in fjords.

Designed and equipped for exploration, these two six-person submersibles — available for an additional charge in select destinations — offer guests unique and unforgettable undersea experiences. The technologically advanced submersibles built by U-Boat Worx B.V. (The Netherlands) will have:

  • Two transparent spheres with seating for three guests each
  • Seating platforms that swivel 280 degrees for easy viewing on all sides
  • Capable of diving to 300 m depth and moving at 3 knots, the sub is able to do multiple dives per day
  • Powerful exterior lights to reveal full color range and highlight a fascinating underwater world
  • HD videocam systems to record inside and outside action for later projection and souvenirs
  • A six-function remote manipulator arm that can be used to grasp objects.
  • Interiors luxuriously furnished with custom-embroidered upholstery, dual air conditioning systems, Bluetooth stereo sound and a Champagne cooler.

Learn more about our new submersibles and what life is like beneath the sea here.

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