Summer 2023 Expeditions

Don’t wait to offer your clients the chance to experience an incredible Expedition adventure they will never forget.

Invite your clients to explore remote regions of the world on an extraordinary Summer 2023 expedition on board Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit. Traveling to the world’s most remote destinations is a transformative experience that will leave an imprint on your soul with the mystery, fascination, admiration and wonder for these incredible and wildly beautiful places. These remarkable, bucket list voyages, are not to be missed!

Seabourn Pursuit
Seabourn Pursuit’s first season of exploration will begin with an inaugural 14-Day Lands of Fire and Ice voyage scheduled for April 4, 2023, sailing round-trip from Reykjavík, Iceland. The itinerary, which winds its way along the coasts of Greenland and Iceland, will be filled with snow-swept landscapes – the “Ice” – and a late night in Akureyri, a wonderland that provides access to magnificent waterfalls (Goðafoss), hot springs and the lava fields of Dimmuborgir and Leirhnjukur — the “Fire”.

She will then continue onward by exploring the waters and landscapes of Greenland, Iceland and Norway throughout the spring and early summer, in some instances retracing the path of the Vikings to the frontier town of Tromsø while carving her way through the inside passage of the Norwegian fjords along the way. A highlight is the ship’s Journey Across the Northwest Passage departing August 26, 2023, as she travels through some of the most remote areas in the Northern Hemisphere from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Nome, Alaska. Learn more about traversing this legendary passage in Current, our online blog.

Seabourn Venture
Summer 2023, will find Seabourn Venture navigating across the top of Norway and Arctic Russia on her Journey Across the Northeast Passage departing July 29, 2023, sailing from Tromsø, Norway to Nome, Alaska. Seabourn Venture guests will discover immeasurable landscapes with delicate flora; search for marine life and polar bears; and explore the transformative nature of the area. Traveling through this remote, and sparsely inhabited area is a voyage of discovery that very few have ever taken. Read more about this awe-inspiring region in Navigating the Northeast Passage in Current, our online blog.

Discover more details about Seabourn Pursuit’s Journey Across the Northwest Passage and Seabourn Venture’s Journey Across the Northeast Passage, including highlights of each voyage, included Excursions and Expeditions and Optional Expeditions in summer 2023 here.

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