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Travel Advisors Share Why They Cruise

For more than 30 years, you – the travel advisor – have played an instrumental role in the success of our brand. Simply put, we couldn't have done it without you! Together we join the legions of travelers you serve to stand up (virtually, if we have to) to say "Thank You!" for all that you do. The dreams you inspire, the stories you share, the professional advice and the wisdom you impart as a trusted counselor goes a long way toward creating memories that truly last a lifetime.

We asked some of you to share a few thoughts on why you love cruising. Though the world around us isn't allowing us to board a ship right now to sail away to our favorite or sought-after destinations, the situation isn't stopping us from thinking about what we believe is the best overall vacation experience on the market today. Perhaps some of these stories will inspire you with ideas for an upcoming trip for your clients…or yourself!

"Why I love cruising?" by Marcie Kotler – Avenue Two Travel
Cruising allows each one of us to travel to places perhaps unreachable by any other manner. The absolute stark beauty of Antarctica was enhanced by the phenomenal Expedition Team on our Seabourn voyage. With over 26 experts in different fields, all the passengers had a unique insight and heightened experience in the comfort of a deluxe and comforting ship. To be able to land on South Georgia Island, in the midst of almost 500,000 breeding penguins was an unbelievable and transforming event. The true cruise experience enhances, educates and challenges all passengers to appreciate our world in a very special and unique way.

"Why I love cruising?" by Ralph Bias – Amazing Cruises
Cruising on Seabourn allows for discerning guests to explore the world by day and enjoy evenings of unrivaled luxury and service at night. Waking up in different ports along the way allows for guests to explore the world, create new & lasting memories and then return to their "Home Away From Home" of style and comfort. There is no better way to travel and Seabourn's sincere loyal following is a great indicator that gracious living awaits you on any of their five ultra-luxury ships.

"Why I love cruising?" by Beth Schulberg – Cruise & Travel Specialists
Cruising is a great escape from the realities of life. Cruising in luxury on Seabourn is the icing on the cake. I tell my clients one of the best aspects of cruising on Seabourn is the lifetime friends THEY will make who are like minded and have the same values. Seabourn's five-star small ships, service, cuisine and destinations is the cherry on that icing. We sure need an escape after Covid-19.

"Why I love cruising?" by Marybeth Hillier – Travel Edge
I consider cruising to be the quintessential vacation because I can "have it all" on a cruise! I love that I stay in a stunning ocean-front suite with sumptuous linens, bath amenities and an in-suite mini-bar stocked to my preference. I love the myriad of dining experiences with everything from room service on my veranda, to fine dining, to barbeque by the pool. I love that the staff knows my name and are friendly and welcoming. I love that the bartender knows my cocktail preference, the barista knows that I like a skinny latte and that the waiter knows I prefer sparkling water. I love that the sommelier knows the wine I prefer and offers others that I might enjoy. I love being pampered in the spa, and salon, working out in the fitness center and relaxing in the hydro therapy pool. I appreciate that everywhere is spotlessly clean. I love the speakers who are "daring explorers, heralded chefs, learned scholars, celebrated performers and renowned experts from every arena of the arts, sciences, politics and humanities." I love dancing after dinner or attending a Broadway-class show as well as the ease of discovering the world with curated port excursions and adventures. I find it wonderful to have complimentary premium spirits and fine wines always available and that tipping is neither required nor expected. I love cruising because it is everything that I want in vacation and it is all in one luxurious resort!

"Why I love Cruising?" by Gary Johnson – Woodside Travel
I can't wait until I'm able to board my favorite cruise line Seabourn. From the moment I step on board I am greeted with a smile and it's like welcoming me home. The crew knows your name and from that moment on I'm in Heaven. I love to head to Seabourn Square in the morning and have my favorite barista make the best mocha cappuccino ever. Then I count down the hours before dining at the magnificent Thomas Keller Grill. Seabourn is definitely my favorite way to travel.

"Why I love Cruising?" by Clark Mitchell – Strong Travel Inc.
There are so many different reasons that we have enjoyed cruising on Seabourn over the past 15+ years. The understated elegance, the intimate ships, the unique itineraries….all are reasons we return. But the most important reason we enjoy Seabourn is the true warmth, sincerity, and jovial demeanor of the staff. At the end of your journey, you feel that you now have a new family member.

"Why I love Cruising" by Sandra Ortiz – Woodlake Travel
Seabourn is head and shoulders above most cruise lines, and their exquisite food is a testament to that fact. Thomas Keller of The French Laundry fame is the driving force behind Seabourn's The Grill, arguably the best cruising dining experience in the industry.

But Seabourn's most enduring quality is their dedication to making the guest experience second to none. On a recent cruise, the Seabourn team went above and beyond to celebrate the 100th birthday of a very special client. Beyond the birthday cake, the entire crew joined in recognition of this special day, and a celebration of a young-at-heart guest with a burning desire to travel and see the world. Seabourn's unique worldwide itineraries and sublime shore excursion experiences ensure the desires of all guests who crave adventure are fully satisfied. After all, age is just a number.

"Why I love cruising?" by Teresa Tennant – Cruise Specialists
I love cruising for many reasons. It is such a pleasure to arrive at your home away from home and get everything unpacked just once for the duration. Then, it is fun to explore the ship itself to see what activities, entertainment and dining options are available. I enjoy trying a variety of different cuisines on board while meeting new people from all around the world. I love getting to sample so many different ports – getting a taste of local life and culture, learning some history of the region, or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Finally, I don't know of anyone who hasn't wanted to bring some of the cruise ship staff home at the end of a voyage. The service levels are fantastic and really allow you to relax and enjoy your time.

"Why I love cruising?" by Marc Hayes – Cruise Elite
I am privileged to be able to say that I have sailed on over 150 cruises, the exact number I can no longer recall. I've been on the huge and the small, from the elegant to nothing fancy at all. I have been on the wild to mild, to foodie to the just groovy. I've crossed the pond, I've explored my roots, I've scuba dove with shark, what a rush and I've even sailed so cold it's frozen my tush. I've explored ancient cities and marveled the new, I've sailed calm waters and braved the tempests too. But, do you really want to know which one is my favorite cruise of all? It's the one I'm on when it's right here, and the time is right now. My favorite cruise line?… what's the show tonight?

"Why I love cruising?" by Susan Kelly-Costello – Kelly Cruises & Tours Inc.
In the era of modern luxury cruising, gorgeous ships, beautiful large suites and a multitude of choices are the standard. So how does Seabourn stand apart? Like your go-to little black dress and your favorite heels, she smiles and exudes confidence, class and warmth. Seabourn wraps you in comfort, quickly knowing your name, intuitively serving your needs, and delivering your favorite cocktail in an effortless step.

Of course we loved the thoughtfully planned itinerary with old favorites and new adventures, the incredible dining (Thomas Keller is a MUST), but the defining characteristic is of course the incredible staff onboard. The staff call them "Seabourn Moments"; little surprises and delights for each guest, unexpected and graciously delivered. It's these special moments that define Seabourn, and evoke the true spirit of these very special ships.

"Why I love cruising?" by Stephanie Hyman Kaminoff – Expedia CruiseShipCenters South Tamp
One of my favorite things about being a travel consultant is that I have the opportunity to SEA the world (pun intended). My husband and I had the opportunity to experience Seabourn first hand, sailing on the Seabourn Odyssey in March 2020. From the moment we arrived at the pier, we were shuttled off to the ship and spent a week enjoying an adventure of a lifetime in luxury. The meals were delicious, and as you can imagine, I made sure I didn't miss any! By day two, the crew felt like family, and even knew our likes and dislikes. I am counting down the days until we sail on our next Seabourn journey.