Seabourn Academy

This is the perfect time to learn more about Seabourn and how to build up your ultra-luxury clientele with our free online Seabourn Academy® program. Plus, you’ll receive special graduate rewards!

This seven-course, comprehensive online training program gives you the tools you need to market and sell luxury travel to affluent consumers. It’s easy-to-use and offers proven tips and techniques for locating, attracting and satisfying the affluent travelers living all around you.

Here are just a few of the many testimonials we have received recently from travel advisors who have taken advantage of Seabourn Academy:

I loved it. I learned so much from all the information given to me in regards to becoming successful.
— Omayra Martinez, Out of Town Exclusive, Greenwood, South Carolina

One of the best programs I've done so far. Thank you!
— Isabelle Mouton, Passion Voyage, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I quite enjoyed the in-depth training on so many aspects of Seabourn ships and how to sell. The how to's and sales advice/techniques are very helpful and will help me target those clients. Thank you!
— Sheri Tim, ExpediaCruiseShipCenters Pt Grey, Vancouver, British Columbia

This course helps every advisor t to sell their product, with a confident and positive mindset. Also, it gives us techniques, and tips on how to handle concerns, objections, etc., and how to close a deal.
— Eil Jhay Marticio, Canadian Tourism College, Vancouver, British Columbia

How the program works:

Each module opens with learning objectives, includes a quiz, and wraps up with a final exam. There is a wealth of detail on Seabourn’s fleet as well as our worldwide and seasonal cruising destinations. Taken together, course work includes:

  • 101: Mastering the Art of Selling Luxury Travel — Providing insights into the vocabulary of ultra-luxury, as well as differences, expectations, truths, and myths.
  • 102: The Elements of Ultra-Luxury — An overview of the physical and intangible features of ultra-luxury travel and its benefits to affluent travelers.
  • 103: The Anatomy of Ultra-Luxury Leisure — Covering ultra-luxury onboard programs, prestigious partnerships and the ultra-luxury guest experience.
  • 104: Luxury Travel Destinations — A journey into seasonal cruising regions, matching clients to destinations that appeal to their interests and tastes, and the wealth of pre- and post-cruise options that Seabourn makes available to guests.
  • 105: Locating, Attracting and Serving Luxury Travelers — Covering branding, the habits of affluent travelers, and successful marketing strategy and tactics.
  • 106: Making the Sale & Seabourn Sales Support — The art of making recommendations, handling objections, and closing a sale, as well as resources available to travel advisors.
  • Plus optional courses covering Social Media 101 and Seabourn Journeys, which are pre- and post-cruise immersive land experiences commissionable to travel advisors at 14%.

Travel advisors who graduate from Seabourn Academy will receive a number of incentives and rewards, including:

  • Certification as a Seabourn Ultra-Luxury Travel Specialist with email signature logo
  • Continuing education credits from CLIA, The Travel Institute or ACTA
  • Exclusive reduced Seabourn Advisor Appreciation Fares
  • A chance to win a complimentary Seabourn voyage

If you haven’t taken the program yet, we look forward to sharing with you all the expertise and confidence that Seabourn Academy has to offer — and to help you unlock your potential for profit!