Podcast: How Luxury Travel Advisors Can Boost Sales

Chris Austin, senior vice president of Global Marketing and Sales for Seabourn shares numerous tips and advice on “How Luxury Travel Advisors Can Boost Sales” with Ruthann Terrero, vice president of Luxury Travel Advisor including:

  • Identifying and finding clients new to cruising
  • Converting “luxury land lovers” to cruises
  • The advantages of Seabourn’s all-inclusive “resort at sea”
  • How to sow the seed of cruise vacations by exploring your clients’ passion points
  • The art and value of upselling for you and your clients
  • The beauty of multi-generational travel
  • How to leverage the collateral and tools created and provided for you by Seabourn
  • Ideas for maintaining client loyalty
  • Starting 2020 by ranking your clients and reviewing your business, clients, suppliers, etc. to keep your business healthy and thriving

Listen to the podcast now to learn all this and more.

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