Tips for Using and Getting the Most from POLAR Online

POLAR Online is your 24/7 go-to tool to efficiently save you time when not only making a booking but: comparing fares, getting promo descriptions, accessing commission breakdown, searching for suites, booking Seabourn Flight Ease®, adding flight details, applying FCC/FCD info and more! It’s truly the best way to help you sell Seabourn.

To make sure that you and your clients are getting the most from POLAR Online we created a training just for you available for download now. We have included how to check fare comparisons to find the Club Savings promotion. This is not automatically applied to Club Member bookings, so we want to ensure that your clients and our past guests receive this savings when applicable. See section 5 in the presentation.

POLAR Online Best Practices and Tips
The most important piece of information and our number-one tip when using POLAR Online is to always remember to enter your clients’ correct information when making a booking. Check before you book!

Ensure that your clients can access their bookings by checking to see that their information has been entered correctly at the time of booking, so guests can easily connect their cruise booking to the correct account. Your clients will then be able to:

  • Quickly complete online guest registration and booking shore excursions
  • Have access to their Club Benefits
  • Receive cruise credit for each booking
  • Be notified of emergency communications or last-minute itinerary changes
  • Download Seabourn Source Onboard Web App and login without issues

Remember, by simply double-checking your clients’ information, you can help guests avoid hours on the customer helpline or in line for guest services while on board. It’s a win-win for all!

To access POLAR Online and all of its benefits to you, log into Seabourn’s Travel Advisor Center or, contact Seabourn Sales at 800.929.9595 or visit