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Shore Experiences by Seabourn: The Historical, Forward-Looking Augustine Monastery: A Mindful Living Tour

Augustine Monastery—Outside View

This shore excursion offers guests a cultural and heritage blueprint of Québec City. A legendary town, Québec is one of the oldest settlements in North America, full of rich culture and tradition. Not only is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site but is easily the most French city outside of France.

Dufferin Terrace, perched 200 feet above the waterway, is where Samuel de Champlain built his fort in 1620. From here, guests can take in the spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River, the Île d'Orléans and the Laurentian Mountains. They are also within a few steps of Québec’s most celebrated landmark — the Château Frontenac Hotel.

Blending culture, heritage, and holistic health, guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience within the historical walls of Le Monastère des Augustines (the Augustine Monastery). Sensitively restored and redesigned, as well as operated sustainably, the monastery welcomes people of all cultures and beliefs and offers its guests a unique experience in holistic health. This is a chance to be part of a rare opportunity to connect directly with the remarkable monastic heritage. The history of the Augustinian Sisters is a lesson in humanity. Compassion for human suffering, complete respect for the individual, and determination to offer healthcare on the cutting edge of science is at the heart of their values throughout the ages and through courage and tenacity. During a guided visit, guests will learn about the past and present-day realities of the Sisters. They’ll explore the exhibition rooms and participate in an interactive conference on medicinal herbs and teas. Tasting apothecary herbal teas will also allow them to discover the medicinal herbs’ rich and subtle flavors.

Augustine Monastery—Nightime View

The Augustinian Choir features amazing acoustic qualities. Guests will enjoy famous pieces in a short concert, along with commentary about the connection between the Augustinian Sisters’ everyday actions in the colony and the rest of the world. The program, chosen with care, is well balanced, covering the most important eras of the repertoire.

As an extension of Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil, this Mindful Living tour is designed to deliver an experience that contributes to mind and body wellness.

This optional excursion is available on Canada & New England cruises, Special offers are available now on August through October, 2019 sailings.

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