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Are you looking to build your ultra-luxury travel clientele? Here’s an excerpt from Course 105: Locating, Attracting and Serving Luxury Travelers from the NEW Seabourn Academy® online educational curriculum that offers tips, techniques and insight to help you learn how.

Luxury travelers are all around us. The task is contacting them where they live and socialize, and recognizing their individual wishes and intentions — their psychological profiles.

Seabourn has designed its shipboard product to meet the desires and needs of an audience of affluent travelers. For the best chance of success, you should make yourself familiar with the lifestyle and habits of this audience. That is where you want to concentrate your attention to build your luxury clientele.

Attributes common to all groups of affluent travelers:

  • Time is their most precious resource
  • They crave rare experiences over luxury goods
  • To them, less formal is more fun
  • Looking to enrich their lives
  • Explorers seeking new experiences
  • Interesting, well-traveled with great stories to tell
  • Enjoy socializing with other interesting people
  • Philanthropic — socialize through charities and arts organizations
  • Appreciate personalized service and recognition

Travel Habits of Affluent Travelers
Affluent travelers tend to add luxurious amenities to their travel:

  • Upgrading the class of airline service and hotel accommodations
  • Arranging fine dining reservations in the places they visit
  • Using town car or limousine services rather than taxis

All of these indicate the attitude that these luxury elements are worth the extra cost and that the person has earned the right to indulge in them. These are cues you can use to qualify prospects for an ultra-luxury vacation such as a Seabourn cruise.

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