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Selling Seabourn to Luxury Land Lovers

Make 2018 the year you tap into your luxury land client list to increase your Seabourn cruise sales. You already have clients who love to cruise and understand the value and appeal of an ultra-luxury cruise but that client list can only go so far. What many travel professionals don't realize is that they have luxury cruise sales potential just waiting to be tapped – namely, your luxury land clients. Some luxury land clients shy away from cruising due to misperceptions and first-timer uncertainties. It's time to increase your sales by letting them know more about Seabourn and the benefits of ultra-luxury cruising. After all, where else would they get an ocean-front suite with a different view every day?

Here are some simple ways you can convert your luxury land travelers to a Seabourn ultra-luxury cruise guest:

Make it Personal
First, and foremost, when approaching your Luxury Land Lover clients, don't start with the question, "Do you want to go on a cruise?" They may reply rather quickly, "I am not interested in cruising." Rather, take a more personal approach. Connect with your clients' passion points as to the reasons they have previously chosen a land-based vacation. This will move the conversation in a totally different and far more positive direction.  For example,  you could say: "It's time to think about your next vacation and I know you chose your last resort because you wanted a world-class spa. I have done my research and not only have I found a world-class spa, I've identified an experience where you can start the day with morning yoga, meet with a wellness coach, visit the well-equipped gym, enjoy spa treatments and garner healthy living insights from a team trained by Dr. Andrew Weil. I'd love to recommend Seabourn, an ultra-luxury experience featuring Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil!" We guarantee this conversation will peak their interest and curiosity.  

Emphasize Service
The distinct difference when it comes to cruising on Seabourn is personal service. The hospitality people at world-class hotels, regardless of the city, have only a limited amount of time to truly get to know your client and their needs and desires. Seabourn impresses and wows guests not only due to the amount of time they spend on a cruise – days versus hours – but because of our extraordinary level of service.

Keep Track of Your Clients
Tracking the ages of your clients and their family members as well as staying current on their family situations can be useful when searching for new luxury cruise clients. Check their birthdates every now and then. People who are at retirement age who previously liked to travel on their own may be looking to take their children and grandchildren on a family vacation.

Think Outside the Box
Consider putting together groups that no one else has or offering unique itineraries with pre- or post-cruise options, including Seabourn Journeys that offer values not available anywhere else.

Highlight the "Unpack Once" Benefit
Unpacking once wins hands-down for why luxury cruises are more manageable and convenient than luxury land tours.

Send Frontline Agents to Experience Seabourn
Once our product has been experienced selling it is much easier. Travel advisors return from their cruise to share feedback with clients about our luxurious suites, personal experiences and how well they were taken care of by the crew. Educating your agents on Seabourn will earn you a reputation as the agency 'in-the-know.'

Listen and Then Qualify 
Talk with your client about what they liked best about past travel experiences. Find out what appealed to them most about their luxury land vacation, then you can pinpoint what to highlight when proposing a Seabourn cruise. Make sure to highlight our award-winning dining, celebrity partnerships with Chef Thomas Keller, Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil, Sir Tim Rice, Seabourn Conversations, optional Ventures by Seabourn™ adventures as well as time spent in port cities and unique, hand-crafted itineraries.

You can increase your sales by using your luxury land client list to market Seabourn ultra-luxury cruises, after all, Seabourn is the world's finest ultra-luxury resort, it just happens to be at sea.

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