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Save Time by Booking Air Travel in POLAR Online

Did you know that POLAR Online is an efficient, effective, user-friendly way for you to book flights for your clients? POLAR Online lets you view all the details prior to purchase and saves you time by giving you all the information you want and need right at your fingertips 24/7.  

With POLAR Online you can view flight details prior to purchase so you can relay this information to your clients in real time. No back-and-forth calling for additional input. And once flights are booked via POLAR Online you receive written confirmation for all flight details. POLAR Online also provides quick access to all the terms and conditions so you don't need to spend your valuable time listening to someone read them to you!

POLAR Online gives you easy time-saving access to book air travel for your clients, allowing you to:

  • Get Competitive Pricing – You will find current competitive rates from multiple carriers that are available under Flexible or Restricted fares
  • Select Level of Comfort – Choose First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy class
  • Search Easily – Provides flights that arrive and depart in time for your client's voyage or journey
  • Personalize Travel
    • Customize your pre- and post-cruise itinerary to match your client's travel needs.
    • Choose a specific airline if your client has a preference
    • Manage seat requests, special service requests, and more once flights are booked
  • Get Immediate Confirmation – Flights are confirmed immediately, at the time of air booking.
  • Receive Next Port Protection – In case of airline delay or cancellation, we'll take care of any flight changes, if necessary, to join the voyage at the next available port of call.
  • Enjoy 24-Hour Travel Assistance – Seabourn is there to support your client with 24-hour flight assistance.
  • Access Book Now Feature – Itineraries and rates available 330 days prior to departure

Of course we are happy to continue working with you via phone; however once you book your first flights on POLAR Online, you will love the ease of use. For more information about using POLAR Online to book your client's air travel, please contact Seabourn Sales at 800.929.9595 or visit